Midwest Machining Delivers Steel for Phase 1 Bridge

FLATS is excited to announce that Midwest Machining of Kirksville recently delivered the steel that will be used to build the Phase 1 Bridge. Midwest Machining won the project in a competitive bidding process mandated by the Recreational Trails Program grant program.

FLATS is thrilled to be able to keep these federal grant dollars in our community and to work with the folks at Midwest Machining!

The bridge will be 80′ long and span a low-lying area on the north side of the parking lot next to the Thousand Hills Dining Lodge.

Now we have all the materials we need and will begin construction as soon as the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Crews can get to Kirksville. Thanks to the Kirksville Daily Express and KTVO for covering our progress and for Kirksville Rotary for their remarkable support of the project.

Pictured left to right: Heather Condon (Kirksville Rotary), Olivia Condon, Royce Kallerud (FLATS), Dan Martin (FLATS), Jeff Lindquist (owner, Midwest Machinery), and Elsie Gaber (FLATS/Kirksville Rotary).
Photo Credit: Kirksville Daily Express

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