2012 Trail Half-Marathon Pictures

Click on your number below to download a zip file of your images. If your number is not listed, click the “unknown” link at the end of the numbers, as we were unable to see your number clearly in the images.

Please donate for the pictures so that we can pay our photographer, Jeremy Jones, for taking the pictures, editing, and providing them here. Use the donate button below. 100% of profits will go to FLATS.

Donate for Pictures – 100% of Profits go to FLATS

#49 Karen Kubin – After 33 and 95 and 47 and before 70
#122 Susan Merrick
#81 Jessie Schoonover
#75 Elise Grgurich
#38 John Keener
#32 Teresa backes (Right before #20 Maria Backes)
#109 Vickie Daniels
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