Kirksville Rotary Clubs Team Up to Create Nature Playscape

Kirksville Rotary, which has supported FLATS in countless ways over the years, has done it again. All three of the local clubs teamed up to receive the largest Rotary District 6040 Statewide Grant ever awarded making it possible to build a beautiful nature playscape at the FLATS-Theta Psi Trail Head on the southwest corner of Osteopathy and Missouri.

Not only did Rotary secure funds to pay for construction and purchase a massive play log, dozens of amazing boulders quarried in northeast Missouri, and some huge local tree trunks with this grant, they also brought volunteers armed with heavy equipment, truckloads of rock, and tools to plan, clear, grade, and build much of the playscape. Thanks to their hundreds of hours of service local kids (and adults) now have access to an incredible, unique, and fun resource.

The nature playscape anchors Phase 3.1 of the Forest Lake Area Trail System, a .7 mile paved ADA-accessible path, providing a natural play area where kids can get outside, climb to their hearts’ content, and play in as many ways to play as their imaginations can come up with. The playscape, designed by Alta Planning and Design, Inc., was developed to provide a comparable experience and access for people of all ages and abilities.

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