Run the 6th Annual FLATS Trail Half Marathon!

The 6th Annual FLATS Trail Half Marathon is scheduled for Sunday, October 9th at 8:30 a.m. Upwards of 100 runners will start at the flagpole besides the Thousand Hills Marina and run the unpaved Thousand Hills Trail all the way around Forest Lake finishing at Jackson Stables.

This has been a huge event for the Forest Lake Area Trail System, bringing tons of hikers, bikers, and runners to the beautiful Thousand Hills Trail, motivating volunteers to keep the trail in amazing shape, and raising more money than any other event for the successful construction of the first phase of the Forest Lake Area Trail System. This race really embodies the spirit of trails!

If you’re ready to run, volunteer, or just want to learn more about this great race “like” the FLATS Trail Half Marathon Facebook page or just head over to to register now!

Crossing the Stream in 2014 575 x 370

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