FLATS Volunteers at The DuKum’s NEMO Fair Tent

Craig Shorten, owner of the DuKum Inn, presented a $1,400 check to FLATS after members of the FLATS Steering Committee and several volunteers recently worked as guest bartenders at the DuKum’s NEMO Fair Tent. FLATS is strong because of the support of the DuKum and many others in Kirksville and the surrounding community.


Pictured above:FLATS members accept the recent donation and, pictured from left to right, are Stephanie Bissey, representing Jeff Lindquist of Midwest Machinery; Jonathan Lovegreen, Rotary; Jay Findling, TAP Pool League; Craig Shorten; Rob Champagne, representing Troy Smith of Smitty’s Westport Liquor and the Local Fire Fighters; Royce Kallerud, Debi Boughton, Rachel Ruhlen and Elsie Gaber from FLATS, and Bernie Schneiderheinze, NEMO Fair Board.

Other FLATS members and supporters, who assisted but are not pictured, are Paul Parker, Dan Martin, Rick Steele, Debi Boughton, Matilda Small, Ben Small, Kyle Sweeney, Katy Modlin, Matt Nemergut and Cathy Woods.

FLATS’ VIP Bartenders will be back at the DuKum’s NEMO Fair Tent in 2014 and 2015.

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